It’s all about the food!

– Chef Paul Flores

The Dallas Culinary Company Is Ready to Cater Your Next Event


Read our featured article in D Magazine which expresses our unique culinary experience and a variety of mouthwatering options.


What we have to offer

We want to share our food with everyone so no matter what type of event you are having , we can help!  Our Tier One level of service is great for a business meetings with our signature boxed breakfast & lunches.  

We have our Tier Two service for something as casual as a family & friends get together at your home when you just don’t want to cook & clean!  Our casseroles taste just like mom makes.

We can help you entertain your best clients & customers with our Tier Three service from our Mexican Breakfast Buffet to a seated dinner for the really formal affairs. 

Our favorite is to help you celebrate the big milestones of your life like weddings, retirements and big birthdays! 


Our Signature Dishes

Between our Tomahawk steak and our Mexican Breakfast buffet we have several signature dishes to make your special event the best. 



A group of Seasoned professionals working together to do what they love..  Chef loves to be creative and share his love of food with others, Charlotte loves to bring your event vision to reality and Shan & Adam make it all happen with their talented service staff that takes our events over the top!

Chef Paul Flores

Fun loving Executive Chef Paul hales from Kerrville, Texas and a proud son of a butcher.

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