Our unique culinary company comprised of industry leaders coming together to provide our services to the marketplace. It is all about the food, we source with local partners to get the freshest ingredients and truest flavor profiles to energize the palate.

The Tiers

for all of our services

The flexibility in service levels allows clients to choose the option that best suits their specific needs, whether they prefer a more hands-on approach or want the convenience of full-scale event management. The mention of full staff for food and beverage service, as well as prep and cleanup, highlights the commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable catering experience.

Drop Off

Ideal for breakfasts, lunch meetings, or casual get-togethers. Convenient for room temperature items like continental breakfast, box lunches, and displays. Provides a simple and hassle-free option with a minimum food order requirement.

Limited Service

Suitable for events such as brunches, casual dinner parties, or meetings. Involves buffet setup and management. Assistance with dishes is provided to enhance the overall service experience. Requires a higher minimum food order compared to drop-off services.

Full Service

Comprehensive catering service for serious entertaining. Covers all aspects of the event, allowing clients to focus on their guests. Includes food and beverage service with a full staff. Takes care of the entire preparation and cleanup process. Designed for larger and more formal events like corporate gatherings, weddings, big birthdays, and galas.

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Signature Dishes

Breakfast Buffet

Our Mexican Breakfast Buffet with Authentic Mexican Pastries, Tres Leche Con Arroz and hand crafted breakfast sausage

Chicken Made Easy

No rubber Chicken Entrees!  Flavorful Juicy Chicken Breasts – smoked with love and Post Oak wood like his father used in the Hill Country

Hors D'oeuvre

Chef Paul can make the most fun passed Hors D’oeuvres from a one bite smoked chicken BLT to one bite wedge salad – beautifully crafted and oh so tasty!


Can you say Tomahawk Steaks!!  One of Chef Paul’s specialties!  Something different from a tenderloin and oh so flavorful!

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