Who We Are

Our unique culinary company comprised of
industry leaders coming together to provide
our services to the marketplace.

Our unique culinary company comprised of industry leaders coming together to provide our services to the marketplace. It is all about the food, we source with local partners to get the freshest ingredients and truest flavor profiles to energize the palate. Our 3 tiers of service, provide our food for a wide range of events.

 Our drop off service for room temp items such as continental breakfast or box lunches. Our limited service is perfect for casual dinner buffets with a limited staff. Our full service, of course our favorite, where we really let our creative talent shine. We love to create entire events where we pull together to create custom menus & bars, with exceptional service, specialty rentals, decor and more. 

Please think of The! Dallas Culinary Company for your next social get together, corporate event, wedding or non-profit Gala.

The Team

Shan & Adam


Shan Claudio, serving as the CEO, and Adam Copeland, the COO, embody the spirit of entrepreneurship and collaboration. Their journey, which began in the humble beginnings of the dish pits, is a testament to their shared vision and determination to create something remarkable.

Their partnership in founding THE! Staffing Company reflects their innate drive to innovate and address unmet needs within the industry. By leveraging their firsthand experience and understanding of the catering and hospitality sectors, they successfully established a business that provides essential staffing solutions to caterers and event organizers.

Recognizing further opportunities in the culinary landscape, Shan and Adam expanded their endeavors by founding The! Dallas Culinary Company. By partnering with seasoned professionals in the culinary field, they have created a platform that offers a comprehensive suite of services, ranging from culinary talent in the kitchen to bartenders at the bar and event managers for seamless event execution.

Shan and Adam’s contributions are invaluable, providing the backbone of support and expertise that drives the success of both ventures. Their journey from the dish pits to the helm of two thriving enterprises exemplifies their resilience, vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence in the culinary and hospitality realm.

Victoria Mowery

General Manager

Victoria’s role as the general manager of The Dallas Culinary Company exemplifies her expertise and leadership within the retail and hospitality sectors. Being raised in Garland, her local roots likely contribute to her deep understanding of the community and its preferences.

With nearly a decade of management experience under her belt, Victoria brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to her roles, overseeing operations with precision and finesse. Her close collaboration with owners Shan and Adam speaks to her ability to execute their visions effectively, ensuring that every aspect of the business aligns with their goals and aspirations. In her capacity as general manager, Victoria likely plays a pivotal role in maintaining and fostering a culture of excellence and innovation within the organization. 

Alvin Leisure


Chef Alvin’s culinary journey is one of passion and heritage, deeply rooted in family tradition and a love for cooking. His upbringing in a family of chefs undoubtedly laid the foundation for his remarkable career. Working across various prestigious establishments like Hyatt Hotels, Heritage Hotels, and luxury retirement centers speaks volumes about his expertise and dedication to the craft.

His affinity for Southwestern cuisine reflects his cultural background and personal preferences, yet his clients rave about his exceptional soups and sandwiches, showcasing his versatility and mastery in the kitchen. He has had the privilege to cook for esteemed personalities such as President Clinton, Bruce Willis, Aerosmith, Randy Jackson, KISS, and Motörhead. 

Beyond the kitchen, Chef Alvin finds solace in resting, dancing, and enjoying dining experiences with his wife, cherishing moments of leisure amidst his busy schedule. With a family consisting of three boys, three dogs, and a beloved daughter, Chef Alvin’s life is enriched by the love and support of all his loved ones. 

David Young


Chef David found his passion for cooking early on and pursued it wholeheartedly. His journey into the culinary world started from a simple love for cooking. Throughout his career, he has worked in various renowned establishments including the Exxon Mobile World Headquarters, private golf clubs, and Baylor Scott & White Heart Hospital Denton.
With a penchant for Asian cuisine, Chef David has mastered the art of creating delectable dishes that tantalize the taste buds. He has had the honor of cooking for numerous celebrities including Alice Cooper, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Danny Ainge, Wesley Snipes, & Hakeem Olajuwon.
Beyond the kitchen, Chef David finds solace in woodworking, channeling his creativity into crafting beautiful pieces. Family is at the core of his life, having been married to his bride for 30 years and sharing their home with two beloved cats. Their pride and joy, their almost 20-year-old daughter, Hannah, resides in Pennsylvania.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

Yes, with our Tier One or Pick up service.

Yes, in our full service level.

Absolutely, we love to customize menus for any event! Our menus are just a snapshot of what our culinary team can do.

Absolutely, we work with many rental companies in town.

Our service staff will clean kitchen, pick up, and take out trash.

No, but greatly appreciated. Your event manager is happy to distribute for you.

Yes, we have a $1M policy.

Yes, we highly recommend at least a week of planner to include A Planner at your event. We know many and would love to recommend some of our colleagues to you.

It depends on which level of service and season.  

We will always be able to accommodate, usually a vegetarian option that is Vegan & gluten free.

We will pack leftovers that have not been set out or served. You must sign a liability waiver.

Our service staff will set up everything on the top of tables. An additional fee for table & chair set up.

Our culinary team will cut cake & our staff will serve.

We are happy to assist you with advice but actual planning services are an additional fee.

Yes, we are happy to set up a payment plan for weddings.

Yes, we are happy to take care of all your vendors for a small handling fee.

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